Installation Guide
Where can I purchase an Meta Quest and what is the best model to buy?

You can buy it directly from Oculus: The 128G model for $299 is fine. You may also purchase your Quest at BestBuy or Walmart for $299.

Yes, you need to install the 'glasses spacer' that came with your Quest. click here to launch the Oculus Support FAQ page setup for Quest basics, how to wear glasses is explained in detail there.

Proper alignment vertically on your head, combined with the optimal position of the IPD slider on the bottom of the Quest headset are the two methods for ensuring the clearest display in the headset. When you first setup the Quest, the mandatory setup tutorial demonstrates both.
Yes, the cable that comes with your Quest can be used, if your PC/Mac has a ' USB Type-C port' that fits that.
All of the labs are designed to be used within a small (6'x6') play space.
Hand tracking needs available light in the room, so turning on a light may help. Also, try to keep your hands in front of you and high enough so that the Quest headset cameras that track them are able to see them. If needed, at any point, you can switch to the controllers that came with your Quest by just picking them.
Whenever there's an update it will show on the App screen on your Oculus Quest. Click the app and it will automatically update.
As often as you wish, with the exception of Exam mode that you can only do once for each lab.
The research is still not settled on this question. We recommend that you limit a session to 45 minutes and then take a break. That allows for plenty of time to complete several attempts of any one lab.

Email and you will receive a reply from Jim Kiggens, Vasco Torres, or Joao Morais from inciteVR. In your message, send as much information about the issue as you can (what you were doing when the problem arose, what you expected to happen that did not, etc.)